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Bulk Beef Orders

Custom Beef Orders - Bulk

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Custom orders available for whole, half or mixed quarter

(hanging weight, cut, wrapped and delivered)


The average hanging weight per

whole is 700/lbs


Roasts: 2-3lb   3-4lb   4-5lb


Steaks: Thickness 1/2"   3/4"   1"


Hamburger: 1lb  1.5lb  2lb


Stewing Beef (optional)​

All processing is completed at our own Provincially licensed and Government inspected facility. Visit our website at farmersvilleabattoir.com

How much do I get?


Whole Beef: 700lbs - $4200

A whole beef weighs 700lbs hanging/rail weight. Of the 700lbs, 450lbs is consumable after the trim is removed. 

450lbs total:

  • 200lbs ground beef

  • 120lbs roasts

  • 80lbs premium steaks & ribs

  • 50lbs stewing beef.

Half Beef: 350lbs - $2100

A half beef weighs 350lbs hanging/rail weight. Of the 350lbs, 225lbs is consumable after the trim is removed. 

225lbs total:

  • 100lbs ground beef

  • 60lbs roasts

  • 40lbs premium steaks & ribs

  • 25lbs stewing beef.

Mixed Quarter Beef: 175lbs - $1050


A mixed quarter beef weighs 175lbs hanging/rail weight. Of the 175lbs, 115lbs is consumable after the trim is removed. 

115lbs total:

  • 50lbs ground beef

  • 30lbs roasts

  • 20lbs premium steaks & ribs

  • 15lbs stewing beef.

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