Imported to Canada in 1968 from France, the Limousin is one of the five major breeds in the country. It is known throughout the world as the leading breed for carcass quality and yield. Like Limousin animals adapted to the terrain and environment in France, they also quickly acclimatized to Canadian conditions and management methods to secure a position in the North American beef industry.


All breeds have bloodlines known to be nervous. There's no doubt that calmer cattle are more desirable than nervous ones. They're easier to handle and safer to be around. They're also associated with higher gains in a feeding program and more desirable meat quality.


No other breed has made greater strides toward improving docility than Limousin, thanks to the diligence of Limousin breeders across the country


At Corad Farms, we work hard every day to ensure that our Limousin cattle have superior muscle, unmatched yield and efficiency, and are calmer now than ever before. They are raised on our homegrown silage, hay and pasture grass.

The Limousin Advantage

Breed History


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